KLM Foundation Marathon

Big News! At the end of March I am planning to do (walk) a half marathon in benefit for an organization started by SA Peace Corps Volunteers a few years ago. The organization is called the KLM Foundation and the marathon raises money to sponsor several kids to attend a private secondary school in preperation for attending college or university.  While all kids have the opportunity to attend secondary school, many do not graduate prepared to go on to higher education. So to give a few kids a real shot at higher education and a chance to return to work within their communities will benefit many people. Plus it is a sustainable way to empower the communities! And as PCVs we are all about sustainability, and you should be too! (Seriously, think about planting that garden!)
The half marathon is March 27 over Longtom Pass near Blyde River Canyon and is 13 km. There is also an ultra marathon of 56km which a few PCVs completed last year and will be attempting again this year! 
I am hoping to raise money for this great organization from my wonderful family and friends! So if you are able, I would greatly appreciate any donation you could make. Remember that even $5 is alot- the exchange rate is working in our favor! If not, just send some good thoughts my way on March 27.
To donate please visit the website www.klm-foundation.org and they will guide you on donating money for me. Remember that all donations are tax deductible and the organization will be sending you a letter verifying your contribution.
Thank you all so much! Please let me know if you any have any questions, and I will post pictures in early April.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Leah!
    We are missing you, but know that you are having a life-time adventure!! I just donated to the klm-foundation. I hope the marathon is fun!
    We are thinking of you, sweetie.
    Love you. Mom

  2. Hi Leah,
    I loved your story about the books. I am honored to call you my niece (even though you are my first cousin once removed :)). I made a donation on the KLM website- just want you to know so that it is accounted for. I am so proud of you. Love, Aunt Cindy

  3. Hey Leah,

    How did the marathon go? I suppose we’ll hear about it in your next entry. So fabulous to hear your funny stories.

    I am beginning to have loooong conversations with all my friends who have ever been to Africa. I hope I’m ready to come by next year, there is so much to digest since everyone has such a wonderful time.

    You are a great writer and an even better human being! thanks for taking us along with you.

    Lots of love, (your Auntie) Taylor

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