Party Time!

Thats right! I have nearly completed my tenure at Colorado State University so a celebration is absolutely in order! If you are around, please join us for any or all of the celebrating!

Celebration Numero Uno: Saturday May 17, 2008. Fort Collins City Park 10:30am.  Champagne brunch in the park post Graduation ceremony.

Celebration Numero Dos: Saturday June 7, 2008. Indiana Jones Bon Voyage Fiesta! My Parent’s house, Lafayette, Open House 4-9pm.

Please call if you need directions! See you all there!


One Response

  1. Welcome to our motley crew of PC South Africa! I’m reading blogs with my friend Megan at her site in Northwest Province and we are getting utterly PUMPED for you all to get here! Yup, you’re not the only one excited for your arrival in July.

    We saw that you are having a party and we decided, “what the hey? we have some leave… plus, the round trip ticket is only like six months pay… so we’re going to party down at the Indiana Jones Bon Voyage Fiesta!”

    Enjoy your time at home with friends and family. Get ready for an adventure.

    We’ll see you soon,


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